Pacific Yard House

Conroe, Texas

H4 Services / Work Completed

Located across the railroad tracks, the property changed hands many times since 1907.  In 1942 the building that still stands today housed a dry cleaning operation and ice house.  Locals recall watching ice hands pick up and move 100 lb blocks of ice back in the 1950s and 1960s.  The building sat vacant for over 30 years until 2011 when it became an open air venue.  Without a roof, the building experienced further deterioration.

In 2017 the new owner revitalized the building bringing it into the modern age while maintain its historical significance.  A new metal roof was added.  The loading dock as removed to make way for a bar and seating area.  The original brick was preserved.  The Sparkle Ice House logo can still be seen on the side of the building as a tribute to the past.

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